Yesterday & Today

This landscape is entitled “Yesterday & Today” and features a rider on horseback at a natural feature in Kane Creek Canyon (Moab, Utah) known as “The Devil’s Golf Ball” and also, by rock climbers, as “Happy Turk Hoodoo”. It was my first time painting on stretched linen. I liked it! Painting a larger size like this (at least for me this is larger) did cause my work to tighten up for some reason. I tend to work smaller, and try to be more “loose” but ever since I stopped using my nasty older hog hair brushes, I seem to have a harder time staying loose. Anyway, I still like the color and composition pretty much. Thanks for looking & reading.

AVAILABLE – $500 – 18″ X 24″ – Contact Me

See it larger in Gallery #2 here

Rich Cleveland 11/30/22


I am Rich Cleveland, artist, musician, bike rider, & former web developer. I enjoy painting landscapes around my hometown of Moab Utah. Occasionally I will paint something from my imagination, using the desert or other landscape as inspiration. I also paint a few portraits and still lifes here and there.