As seen on the amazing platform known as Instagram! Yeah yeah. Feeling the pinch of the over-promotion of Moab. We’re overrun with these slack jawed compulsive selfie addicts, so I thought a tribute would be nice. All thanks to the Moab Area Travel Council and social media…paradise lost. Hopefully the message will get out that Moab sucks now!

Okay Moab doesn’t actually suck generally, but do visit if: you enjoy waiting in astoundingly long lines of cars to get into Arches National Park; you enjoy big crowds at all the best spots; you enjoy a small town with big town traffic; you enjoy surly service from overworked local staff; you enjoy listening to the roar of UTVs all night long; well…come on down!


I am Rich Cleveland, artist, musician, bike rider, & former web developer. I enjoy painting landscapes around my hometown of Moab Utah. Occasionally I will paint something from my imagination, using the desert or other landscape as inspiration. I also paint a few portraits and still lifes here and there.