Thompson Springs Pontiac

The T-Ride – 100TH POST on Instagram! A while ago I took a pic of this Pontiac in Thompson Springs, UT with my friend Mark. Finally got around to painting it.

9″ x 12″ oils on canvas.

I also just realized that my cellphone camera has been ruining photos of my paintings. Pumping color, sharpening edges, exaggerating darks, sharpening canvas texture…dammit man. For like, the entire last year. I went back to my 35mm style digital camera. No take-backs either. How did I not notice?? ????


I am Rich Cleveland, artist, musician, bike rider, & former web developer. I enjoy painting landscapes around my hometown of Moab Utah. Occasionally I will paint something from my imagination, using the desert or other landscape as inspiration. I also paint a few portraits and still lifes here and there.