A painting of Turret Arch From North Window

Turret Arch From North Window – 8″ x 10″ oils on canvas

This is one of six paintings commissioned by @madmoose.events for this month; total will be 34 paintings for 2023-2024. Thanks Justin & Denise!
Calls for 8×10 format, but I’m definitely looking forward to painting this one bigger. It was a hard one for 8×10 size. The reference image had no clouds so I made some up – the expanse of blue sky was kind of empty looking to me.

I actually still have a quite a few paintings from 2023 to post. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year my friends.


I am Rich Cleveland, artist, musician, bike rider, & former web developer. I enjoy painting landscapes around my hometown of Moab Utah. Occasionally I will paint something from my imagination, using the desert or other landscape as inspiration. I also paint a few portraits and still lifes here and there.