Mary Jane Canyon Falls - Oil Painting by Rich Cleveland

Mary Jane Canyon Waterfall in Moab, Utah. Oils on paper, 6″ x 8″.

This is a study for a future painting (not for sale). I’ve been experimenting with different surfaces, mediums, canvas toning and more. I also built a new plein air painting easel and palette box, with a nice piece of glass for mixing on cut by Rick’s Glass here in Moab.

I hope to do a lot more *plein air painting in 2023. I did a little in 2022, but I can tell it will take a lot more practice with painting quickly.

*Plein air painting = painting outdoors from life


I am Rich Cleveland, artist, musician, bike rider, & former web developer. I enjoy painting landscapes around my hometown of Moab Utah. Occasionally I will paint something from my imagination, using the desert or other landscape as inspiration. I also paint a few portraits and still lifes here and there.